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    Official Rules

    Do not use non-allowed clients or texture packs
    Using blacklisted modifications or texture packs this will result in a permanent ban from our server.
    Anything that isnt listed below is not allowed to be used on our server!

    Allowed Clients/Modifications:

    • Badlion Client
    • 5zig
    • Laby Mod
    • AppleCore / Food Saturation
    • Status Effect HUD
    • CPS Mod
    • Shaders
    • Cape Mod
    • Texture Packs
    • Optifine

    Any form of sharing or selling your account will lead into a permanent ban!.

    Any form of duplicating, cheating, abusing glitches or exploits will lead into a permanent IP-ban!.

    Griefing of other people's islands is forbidden if you do grief islands across our server you will be banned for a week.

    Killing players with lava/fire/fall damage/or trapping in portals is not allowed and you will receive a week ban..

    In-game Scamming is not allowed across our server you will receive a temp ban.

    Scamming IRL Trades is highly forbidden you will receive a IP-ban from our server with no appeal.

    Server advertising and Ddos threats is not allowed you will receive a perm ban for this offence.

    Spamming/Discrimination/Bullying/Swearing will get you muted on our server please re frame from doing this while playing

    Staff impersonating Is not allowed and will get you banned.

    You are not allowed more than 2 Minecraft accounts on our server failure to comply with this rule will get you banned!

    Last Updated 24/04/2020
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